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- Sqéwqel Gas Bar Ground Breaking


Stqó:ya Constrution

A civil construction company created through a partnership with Jakes Construction in 2011. Stqó:ya has earned the reputation of a Great Civil construction company from its many customers over the few short years.

Stqó:ya projects include Highways, highway overpasses, water and sewer for Infrastructure, and integrity pipe maintenance for pipelines.

Sqéwqel Gas Bar

Formerly known as the Seabird Truck Stop since in 1998 it has provided Fuel and a small convenience store for the Seabird Community and the highway #7 traffic.

Late 2014, Sqéwqel Development LLP is about to open a 2400 square foot Convenience Store named the Sqéwqel Gas Bar that have a card lock system, a franchised fast food distributor under the ESSO Brand.

Seabird Eco-Station Composting Facility

The Eco-station started the Composting facility in 2012 to properly manage and reuse waste to enrich the soils of the Seabird Island Agriculture Lands.

Aggregate Business

The Sqewqel Development Corporation under the Stqó:ya Construction produce and sell Gravel to meet our Customer needs form Landscaping to specific grade for Civil construction and Concrete.


Seabird has a long history in the Forest Industry from Farming of Trees for harvesting to creating partnerships with local companies to manage the Forest licenses of the Seabird Island Band.